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Living Better on Less for your community

Would you like to have Living Better on Less in your community?
This is certainly possible. The program is outlined in the Facilitator Guide with details of how to get started; how you can explore the needs of your community and plan to fill them; and where you will find resource people to assist you.

Train the Trainer Program

You may wish to attend a leadership-training program on Living Better on Less that will guide you to start and continue the program in your community.

We will sponsor leadership-training workshops in the areas adjacent to Guelph. It will be a 6-hour event. Training the Trainer could be offered about twice a year. Please let us know if you would like to participate.

Community Peer Leader Program

Living Better on Less continues to expand and share its principals and practices through our Community Peer Leader program. You could become a Community Peer Leader that provides you (Mentee) with training and experience to assist at a full program series or lead on a topic at other community events.  These mentees are supported by other Community Peer Leaders (Mentors) to encourage sharing of the Living Better on Less knowledge and activities that increase your facilitation skills and increase marketing and social media practices in your neighbourhood.